Life is full of constant change; and from time to time that change may include your home. Different situations in life bring us to different crossroads that may require us to sell our homes, investment properties, or vacation homes. I’m here to assist you in obtaining the highest value for your property.

All markets are different and change at their own pace. As a seller, it is important to be fully aware of current market conditions, local regulatory changes, and real estate trends. In addition to these outside factors, your property’s value is also driven by its condition, presentation, and curb appeal.

I’m here to help. I will not only provide you with facts, market data, and current trends but I will also assist you in pricing, staging, and preparing your property before it hits the market so that it can achieve the strongest competitive advantage in your local marketplace.

Whether you need to sell today, this year, or simply would like to know your home’s current market value please contact me for a complimentary Home Valuation Consultation. At this one on one Home Valuation I will also provide you with tips and ideas to best stage and prepare your home for sale. Through my years of experience of working with many buyers, I’m familiar with what buyers look for, what turns them off, and makes them say “WOW”. Allow me to help you get the most for your property.

To schedule a complimentary Home Valuation Consultation please complete the contact form or call/email me directly at

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